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don't diss the sonic

July 2010

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don't diss the sonic

Spoilers! : The River Song Cosplay

River Song's dress from S05 - E04 "Time of Angels"

 A few months back, I decided that after I finished my Eleventh Doctor cosplay, I would do a River Song one. Well, I finally made it to that point, but it's proved to be quite difficult on such a low budget. The dress itself (pattern, fabrics, trim), cost $54. Now comes the wig and shoes, which were going to run me another $65. 

I have to stop right here and thank my fellow whovians with DFW Cosplay Gallifrey (check out our facebook page!) who rallied together to get the wig for me when I announced that I would have to put the cosplay on hold due to insufficient funds. Best. Cosplay. Group. EVAR.  Also, a really close friend of mine stepped in to get the shoes for me since he forgot about my 21st birthday last week. It was really awesome of him! 

Anywho, onto the details of the cosplay! 

I haven't started the dress yet, but I do have all the stuff to make it. Here's the pattern I will be using, with a few modifications. (Dress Pattern) I'm making the tops of the sleeves wider so they cover more of the shoulder, adding sheer sleeves for the arms, changing the placement of the pleats in the bust area, reducing the number of pleats in the skirt, and adding a slit to the skirt. 

While the dress is still unfinished, I can show the wig and shoes that I will be using. 

 There was no exact match for River's dressy hair in "Time of Angels." This was as close as I could get without buying a human hair wig. It is the "Roaring 20's Honey Blonde Wig." It ranges between $20 without shipping to $30 without shipping.

I actually found the shoes River wore with her black dress, but they are designer shoes that run over $600. Not exactly in the price range for a cosplayer on a budget. However, I did find some nice alternatives. They are $39.80 at seductionextreme.com. The photo on the top is what I will be buying. The photo on the bottom is of the actual shoes used in the show. 

Hope this is helpful for anyone else doing a River Song cosplay!



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