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don't diss the sonic

July 2010

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don't diss the sonic

Bowties Are Cool: How to Make an Easy Bowtie for a Cosplay

I had to make a bowtie for my 11th Doctor cosplay, so I figured I'd share the steps here!

1. Locate a tie in the color you want your bowtie to be. (Red or blue for the Eleventh Doctor, your choice for anything else.) You can find REALLY cheap ties at thrift and consignment stores.

2. Cut a rectangle from either the midsection or closer to the big end of the tie. (Depending on the size you want the bow to be.) I suggest the middle if you are doing the Eleventh Doctor.

3. Now, fold the ends you just cut under and hot glue them down. You want the edges to look nice. Some trimming may be required.

4. Now, grab the rectangle in the center and pinch it together. Make the folds into a W shape. The folds should all be the same height. On the insides of the folds, glue them together. This will hide the glue, so don't worry about it looking bad. Also do this on the back side. Hold the folds together until the hot glue is sufficiently dry.

5. Now, cut the thinnest part of the tie into a strip and wrap it around the center of your bowtie where you just glued. have the strips meet in the back. You can hot glue the pieces together, or sew them. (I recommend sewing. It makes the application of the bowtie to the costume much easier.) Trim the strip as needed. You may need to hot glue the underside of the strip to the front of the bowtie to help keep it in place.

6. Now you have a bowtie that is easily safety pinned to your costume! 

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! And remember, BOWTIES ARE COOL! :D

And here are some pics of the bowtie I made in action!

And then this picture. Because I love it.



And Fez's! Fezzes are cool too.

Re: Heh

Lol. That should be my next project. Learning how to make a fez. XD

though i didn't get to it.

Though i didn't mention is, dontdissthesonic was also part of our fabulous Torchwood/Doctor Who shoot, and as you can see the location was great for both Doctor Who and Torchwood.

what she's doing dancing ont he stairs, i don't know, but she doubled as a dead body in my John Hart shot. hehe