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don't diss the sonic

July 2010

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don't diss the sonic

So this is supposed to be a cosplay page...

 Well, I've dedicated this to all things cosplay - what goes into costumes, con experiences, public reaction to costumes outside of cons (Yup. wore a costume to Hobby Lobby once. XD), and other cosplay-ish things. Of course, this means you'll have to put up with me rambling about other things, too. 

So, to start off, me credentials. 

*whips out psychic paper*

Just kidding.

I've made three costumes:
Princess Serentiy from Sailor Moon 
Angela Petrelli from season 3 of Heroes
and the Eleventh Doctor from series 5 of Doctor Who
I'm also working on a River Song costume from series 5 of Doctor Who.

The Princess Serenity one cost me $200 to make, but never fear if you're trying to make one. I messed up a LOT during the sewing phase. It was incredibly ambitious for a first cosplay. XD

The Angela Petrelli costume cost about $100, though the only thing I ever bought was the suit. (JC Penny's, $60) I just had some other parts of the costume (Heroes symbol pendant from Comic-con, shoes, jewelry) that I added to it.

By far my cheapest cosplay, surprisingly, has been my Eleventh Doctor costume. It cost me a grand total of $18. Yes. $18. Granted, I already had the shoes and pants, but still. $18!!!! 

I'm working on that River Song cosplay (her dress from Time of Angels), and it should run me about $80 total.